Action, adventure, acrimony, and other things of an 'A' nature;  join our not so merry band as they try to figure out just what the hell is the point of it all.

Daily Abuse

“I’m looking at your welcome pamphlet…Sooo, is there other places I can go?”

— Perditus, Best Wishes

The Best Wishes Campaign

A naive dragonborn druid and a reclusive half-elf ranger travel to the big city to seek answers for the visions they share. What little plan they have goes awry and the pair sweep in a group of "unenthusiastic" strangers.
All together, they now cross the land in search of a wizard that can answer their questions, and possibly save the kingdom.

The Max Luck Campaign

Max and Lucky, two students of Chesterfield College certainly have their work cut out for them. Not only must they try to get through their further education courses in time before University…but also possibly kill a few monsters at the same time? 


Moving on to the NPC side of the Neko-Best Wishes Cat AU, we have Kalani (aka Katlani).

.:Sweet Dreams:.
Ending off the neko-best wishes series is a trio of tabbies~
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.:King and Lionheart:.
Coming for today’s neko-best wishes we have not one but two NPCs! These two originate from Kalani’s backstory and while…
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.:Hey Now:.
We welcome yet another player NPC. 🙂 This one was a special request to have a catified form made to…
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.:The Spectator:.
Hihi! ^w^ With April 1st out of the way we can now turn to some surprising guests for the remainder…
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Simply Lost

Following a faulty map, Kehls finds himself in a predicament.

Playing with Pixels
Diallea is bored and adds some excitement to arts and crafts. Too much time on any one's hands can be…
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Catching Waves
Diallea basks in the joys of sailing and exploring the sea. Little does she realize the horrors of a wind…
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Homesick Home
With the new semester started, our artists are out of the nest and attempting to fly. Some of us are…
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The kiss of Flufskers
Perditus is constantly haunted by the dark misfortunes of his life. Deep wounded scars forever leave their imprint on him,…
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I doubt you want to talk to me; actually, you don't want to talk to me. But the other's are pretty good at art and stuff; except Perditus, he sucks. So if you want a print or something custom, email me and I'll let them know.

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We're a bunch of, hopefully not to be starving, students looking to entertain the world with our D&D and Monster of the Week antics. Things are small now but in time we will get you more content, such as our various artworks, short stories, web comics, a visual novel and perhaps a podcast if that is of anyone's interest. In the meantime, If you enjoy what you see, please follow and support us with the links at the top of the page.