.:Unchained:. Kehls Reference Sheet

Whoops! 😀 Finally back after dropping off from posting here over the winter break. ^w^ From here until April I’ll be able to keep up with weekly DM-Monday posts.

For the start of this month we have a reference sheet I made for myself for Kehls. ^^, I have been itching to draw him a lot but due to his admittedly really complex design from how Donovan draws him, I’ve worked to simplify it to great lengths so that I could hope to do several doodles of him in the future and keep the way I at least do him consistent (other players will likely set up their own style for doing him and their own take on simplifying the design).

This is the only player character for who I’ll be doing this kind of sheet btw. The rest of the party at least have some kind of recognizable design + palette that I can base my art off of to keep it consistent. I may do some kind of variation of it for NPCs as they gradually appear in the Visual Novel, but for actual Reference sheets…that I’ll leave for the characters owners to set up themselves. 😉


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