.:Big Sky:.

WAHH? :V Why two DM-Monday posts on a same day? 😉 Hehe, I did warn it could happen once and awhile! For today you guys get to enjoy not one but two posts involving the pseudodragon Kaidan! The composition of this piece intentionally paralells "Still Here", showing Kaidan alone (without his unknown master) among the grass enjoying the sky. XD Let's see how long he'll enjoy such leasures in the actual sessions...

This piece also marks my transition from traditional art to digital primarily for the remaining of my posts of this year. If I do post a few traditional pieces it will usually come as a supplement piece to another digital one that may go up on the same day, or if its a traditional piece on its own it will either be an event based drawing I make or go up in 2019.



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1 thought on “.:Big Sky:.”

  1. I love how this piece complements another! I didn’t realize that. I feel the air of mystery with the hints of darkness in the imagery. I don’t know, it just makes me want to run in a filed!


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