.:Hey Now:.

We welcome yet another player NPC. 🙂 This one was a special request to have a catified form made to be included in this series by the player themselves. ^^ Sadly, due to how much further in session this NPC will appear (literally just made a minor appearance only recently in the campaign) – I cannot divulge much, not even their name. (Since as of now they don’t even have an icon on the NPC page) 

The character in question’s breed is a cream ticked tabby (so stripes on her face, legs, neck and tail), and as it may seem obvious she does possess a small underbite. In addition to this, the character keeps her bracelets, scarf/belt and musical instrument in her cat form! 🙂 Whether or not this really gives you much insight into the character I can’t say. XD I’ll leave people to still theorize if they wish.


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