.:King and Lionheart:.

Coming for today’s neko-best wishes we have not one but two NPCs! These two originate from Kalani’s backstory and while one may make a minor cameo in the first session – both have yet to be really present. ^w^ Though it isn’t too much of a stretch to easily guess that one is Pervin and the other is Zayne.

Zayne’s breed is a burmese (general muscle build and pattern), with his top half of his armor present to show his knight status. Pervin on the other hand is a golden tabby siberian cat as his breed, though some liberties were taken for his patterns given he is rather…”odd” now. He of course possess a crown and a nice cloak. XD 

Fun Fact: Pervin’s catified design came prior to his human color scheme (a design lineart had been worked out at the time but outside of general idea that he would be blond with amber eyes) – some of the tones of this drawing served as inspiration for his actual design. 😛


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