Enjoying our content? For just as salty and just as fun content why not drop by our various saltsketeers members to see what other projects both player and DM alike may be up to too? 

Our Artists and their Personal Projects:

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Player of Cassereus and Lucky

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Dungeon Master and Keeper 

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Player of Rigel and Max



Player of Leda Kael

Group Projects:

Cardinal Prophecies : Series by KindleKitsune

A land once protected by spirit, now at war with itself. Shadows unburdened, no longer follow the footsteps of their casters.

Unbalance is inevitable, and yet this doesn't seem to stop Enya, Eira, Vural or their companions from still trying to find a way to put an end to this calamity...

Bodhi : Webcomic by Syclopskitten and Sy Bear

A man travels to the edge of the sea where a great mountain stands above a small fishing hamlet. Not all is as it seems with ocean tides wavering and townsfolk snickering. This is a story of people seeking BODHI

Sy_Pathetic : Game Streams

Sy_Bear, Sy_Fox, and Syclopskitten, three anthropomorphized cybernetic students, time travel back to the 80's to pull off the ultimate hooky and find the best that 8-bit has to offer. Join our ragtag crew of overly ambitious, under-prepared, unqualified, time travelers on a chaotic... oh so chaotic adventure.