Rearranging the Furniture

Hi Everyone, just to keep you up to speed on what is happening.

While I am just sitting around not doing much in Dalery, I thought I'd tackle a needed website layout change. The point here is to make a spot on the front page for the art blogs, as well as a better array of links to the blog categories.

I'm going to take a stab at getting rid of the "blog" page itself. I don't think its "All in One" approach works for all the stuff we will have on the site, EVENTUALLY 😒. I'll be replacing it with links to everyone's categories on our individual web-pages ('The Salty Ones' pages). You'll see, it'll look nice. 🙂

So bare with me, things may get pretty messy. Word Press's "Preview feature" sucks Orc Balls, and I often can't tell how something will turn out until I fully publish it and whip it in to shape a few times.

See that? "Whip it"? Because I like using the whip? I'm so funny 😀

You better laugh now! 😠

P.S.: Also noticed that somewhere along the line, comments got disabled. It seems to be working now on newer posts. As for the older posts? Well whatever; it is what it is.

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