.:Rolling in the Dice:.

If only he knew what a d20 was

Little pseudodragon Kai could only wish he knew how key the result of a 20-sided dice roll was to his very survival. 😉


Consider this also a state of affairs announcement. ^w^ Kyndey/Kindle here with the very first of what I call DM-Mondays~

Starting this Monday, you can expect one small art blog post (or more of which some likely none-art related ones are shared if I ever feel like it/have the time) involving Best Wishes and its characters to go up.  A great deal of the content I’ll put up will be small doodles of a character – drawn either traditionally or digitally, but there will be the few exceptions. 0w0 Once things get moving here you may see a mini-comic go up on one Monday (or if time allows, a short story).

A fun game I will also play for a nice portion of my art blog posts (but I warn you, not all) is a song challenge I have set myself. The challenge I have is that I have to try and find a suiting song title for my blog, the lyrics don't have to necessarily fit (though some most likely will) but the title must.I may sometimes make a play on one song title in particular rather than use the title and see if anyone finds it. I have no idea if the other players and their characters will take part in this as well, but consider it a nice easter egg that will occasionally pop up~

In the meantime, hope you enjoy your stay at Saltsketeers.com!

…oH! And be wary of the shenanigans that some of the characters that wander these parts get up. :3 I can only try to keep the NPCs I am the representative of in check, and even they being the handful they are could get away with things, so who knows about Cassereus, Diallea, Rigel and the others may do.

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