.:Sweet Dreams:.

Ending off the neko-best wishes series is a trio of tabbies~

This little family of NPCs will all remain unnamed for the sake of keeping some kind of enjoyable mystery. 😉 But suffice to say they all share a similar "pelt" pattern in common. The friendly/playful kitto the the left is a chocolate rosette tabby, the central tom is a brown ticked tabby while the right darling who seems inclined to judge is a red mackerel tabby. 😛 Outside of their designs being based on their humanoid forms, the three share eye color and necklaces in common. (I also intentionally gave them all a creamy underbelly to show they are still family.)

And this ends off my Neko-Best Wishes series! 🙂 This marks the start of a uncertain DM-Monday/DnD art hiatus, the time that I set up some more buffers to schedule for this. ^^ You can expect in the next few weeks a announcement post focused on updating the status of this website.


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