The Action Sand Witch

While waiting for the rest of the gang to get their act together, Perditus, Rigel, Cass and I decided to have our own little side adventure. And guess what? You get to come along with us!

This time for my gaming classes, the professor asked us to create a little text adventure. Well you know how I feel about the word "little". Needless to say, I blew the doors off the project and rammed this together: little indeed.

It's only a text based game so don't get too excited. It's also just a class assignment, so don't plan on shutting yourself in for hours to play it. It is pretty fun though, and I think you'll enjoy it.

Click here to download:
The Saltsketeers and the Action Sand Witch

To protect from viruses, the game has been encrypted with WinRar. You can get WinRar here.  To open this file, the 'word' that should not be mentioned is 'salty'

Love D'

P.S.: If you're wondering where the title comes from; it's a combination of a Yugioh commercial and a typo.

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