Up and crawling

Hi everyone,

I'm long overdue for this, but thought I'd say a few words about the current site status.

We are up and running, however with most of the gang on side quests and projects, we are only posting half as often as we'd like. Campaign sessions are also on hold for the summer, but don't worry, we have a lot of catching up to do on the site anyways.

Speaking of catching up, while we wait for the others, Cass, Perditus, and I will just be posting backstories and fillers.

As for what's in store for you coming up, well we have lots of plans. There is a full web comic in the works, a few shorts, and eventually an intro video.

There will at some point be a gallery shop for high res prints and eventually merch. Prints can be commissioned any time though, so send me an email if something piques your fancy.

People just need to stop playing around on vacation and get back to work.   

So in the meantime, post a comment and say "hi" or a few words. It would be nice to know if anyone can speak out there.

And I know you're out there. I've been watching you all for a while now.

Dialley eyes

Love D'

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