~The World as we know it~

Welcome to the Brealian Kingdom. The focus of the "Best Wishes" Campaign.
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.:The Story so Far:.

Rigel, Half-Elf Ranger and Leda, Quetzalcoatl Dragonborn Druid have received strange visions pushing them to go to Brealian Capital city "Veritas" for answers. Rigel's intentions to meet with the king's wizard Gundul goes ary when she bumps into an imprisonned Leda (who being a outlander did not know she was tresspassing on Royal property by entering the king's establishment by unconvential means) - in this prison the two come into contact with young tiefling bard "Casserus" who convinces them that he too has had visions and begs to be freed so that they can discuss the matters further with Gundul.
Releasing Leda and Cass, the small party sets out to find the king's wizard - only to come into trouble when the tower where said-Gundul is found is strangely...empty, frozen soldiers scattered all over the place. There they come face to face with wish fuffiling fiend "Vorace", who lets them go without any harm done to them, allowing them to also take a nearly uncouncious warlock girl by the name of "Kalani" who the party later learns is Gundul's own apprentice.

Together with Kalani the party sets off to find the missing Gundul, joined by rogue halfling "Diallea" and human Paladin "Perditus" (known to the party as "Sir Gregory the 6th") as well as half-orc eldritch knight "Kehl". During their adventures they come across various strange occurences, with signs pointing to an underlying problem happening in the Brealian Kingdom...but what could be at the source of this mess? Or is there any one source to begin with?